Secure Your Future with Butler’s MR-24® Roof System

Butler's MR-24 roofing system

Butler Manufacturing™ - now over 100 years old –built their commercial construction business based on strength, innovation, and durability. Here at JGBowers, Inc. we know that when you’re looking at prefabricated building, you want all of those features. We deliver commercial construction that is designed to last – and won’t have a ballooning cost of ownership. Here’s how we know you’ll get your money’s worth with the MR-24® roof system, and then some:

Strength, Starting at the Top – your MR-24® Roof System is tested by the Underwriters Laboratory, the Core of Engineers, and by Dade County Florida, and is rated as a UL Class 90 in its standard configuration -that means winds of 200 mph won’t bring the seams apart. These aren’t just done with straight wind testing, wind uplift resistance testing is also tested with cyclic wind.

Innovation, Keeping it Together – The field formed locked seams are created on site with the Roof Runner. The Roof Runner is a 4 stand roll forming machine – each stand rolls 45 degrees to create a weather tight seam. The machine comes from Sweden, where it was once used by Volvo to seam gas tanks together.

Durability, Made To Last – Built to accommodate roof movement and still keep weather tightness, every component of the MR-24® Roof System has been carefully engineered. From the factory punched endlap splice assembly, to the ridge transitions, to the gable trim detail that are sealed with the Roof Runner; you won’t sacrifice longevity when your contractor is installing the finishing touches.

When you make it to the ribbon cutting ceremony, you’ll be in the transition from construction to maintenance. You can anticipate paying about 2 cents a square foot for annual maintenance – and some of our roofs have outlived their 25-year warranty. If you’re ready for strength, innovation, and durability, contact JGBowers, Inc. today for a quote on an MR-24® Roof System.

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