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Shop TourAt JGB/ACS, we take pride in our community. We have developed an outreach program for high school students due to an overwheming need to educate students in the woodworking industry. The myShop program was developed to provide a service to the student. Many schools, especially in Indiana, have discontinued woodshop in their industrial arts programs and we saw the need to help these students by providing a unique learning experience. The myShop program focuses on manufacturing and career development in the woodworking industry but can be beneficial in many other manufacturing industries.

The myShop program is an extension of the Architectural Woodwork Institute's (AWI) Adopt-A-Shop program. The Adopt-A-Shop program urges businesses in the woodworking industry to get involved with educating students about the industry. For more information about Adopt-A-Shop, visit the AWI website at

The program begins with a career development workshop where students meet employees in several departments to get a balanced cross-section of the many career types at JGB/ACS. This helps the students understand the career types available, educational requirements, and general knowledge of processes and overhead before our products are ever manufactured. Employees engage students during their presentations and answer any questions the students may have. After the workshop concludes, the students are led on a facility tour to understand the manufacturing process for all of our products and obtain information about necessary skills required for each of our craftsmen.

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