Project Manager


JGBowers, Inc. is seeking an experienced and highly skilled Project Manager for commercial construction projects. The Project Manager will report directly to the General Manager of JGBowers, Inc. The position and daily duties will include much of the following but may not be limited to what is contained here. This description of the position, as well as the requirements to fulfill this position, is NOT to be considered all-inclusive. As with any growing company, additional requirements and/or duties may be added at any time.

  1. Manage large scale new commercial construction and remodel projects
  2. Provide oversight of all subcontracts/subcontractors
  3. Provide direct oversight of all project materials and personnel
  4. Create the Construction Schedule and conduct Pre-Construction Meetings
  5. Manage the budget and negotiate contracts with the subcontractors and vendors
  6. Coordinate and collaborate with the clients, architects, engineers, and inspectors
  7. Work directly with the site Superintendents to ensure safety compliance for all subcontractors and the public
  8. Create Purchase Orders, Change Orders, Submit RFI’s and Approve Invoices
  9. Submit weekly Jobsite Reports 
  10. Ensure credibility of contractors and subcontractors
  11. Provide timely and accurate analysis of project budgets and costs
  12. Establish and maintain strong relationships with the management team to identify their needs and help them with a full range of project solutions
  13. Provide customers with accurate and timely communication at all times
  14. Provide senior leadership with weekly updates
  15. Obtain and upload all closeout documents as required



  • Competitive Pay
  • Dental, Vision and Life Insurance
  • 401K
  • Paid Sick Days
  • Paid Vacation Days
  • Paid Holidays
  • Bonus Incentive Plan


  1. A minimum of 10 years of experience in commercial construction with progressive responsibility levels
  2. A minimum of 5 years of experience as a commercial construction project manager
  3. A minimum of 5 years of experience as a site superintendent of large-scale commercial projects
  4. A proven track record of procuring and delivering large-scale commercial construction projects on time and on budget
  5. A total understanding of construction prints, specifications, project requirements, and contracts
  6. Possess a total understanding and ability in all areas of carpentry and commercial construction
  7. Excellent verbal, written, and nonverbal communication skills
  8. Ability to effectively communicate with diverse groups of people with differing points of views, priorities, and interests
  9. Possess excellent problem-solving abilities
  10. Be solution oriented and results oriented
  11. Maintain a positive attitude and composure even in the most difficult of circumstances
  12. Excellent analytical and organizational and time management skills
  13. Knowledge of Microsoft Office products with a focus on Word and Excel
  14. Experience with Sage Contractor or Sage 100 series software is highly preferred
  15. Must have valid driver’s license
  16. Must successfully complete a pre-employment background check, drug screen and alcohol test


  1. Completion of a bachelor's degree at an accredited college or university or equivalent work experience is required.
  2. A combination of a technical certificate or associate degree and experience may be accepted for the right candidate.


  1. Strong interpersonal skills, ability to communicate and manage well at all levels of the organization.
  2. Strong problem solving and creative skills and the ability to exercise sound judgment and make decisions based on accurate and timely analyses.
  3. High level of integrity and dependability with a strong sense of urgency is important.

Employment Application

Note that a criminal conviction does NOT disqualify you from employment within the company; however, certain criminal convictions may limit the role you can fill. Please feel free to ask any questions about this to your interviewer.
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Any job offer is contingent upon successful completion of a background check and passing a prehire drug screen/alcohol screen. JGBowers, Inc./ACS is a drug free work place and I will be subject to drug/alcohol screening throughout my employment with the company.

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