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Whether we're documenting a recent experience in commercial construction or we're discussing new tools that allow us to complete your job more effectively and more efficiently, visit this page often to stay up to date with the latest news and developments at JGBowers, Inc.

7 Essentials of Choosing the Right Commercial Contractor


We’re taking this month’s blog post to discuss the 7 essentials you should keep in mind when choosing the ideal commercial contractor for your project.

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Hallmark Interior Build Out

3 Services of JGBowers Building Contractors


We at JGBowers wanted to take this month’s blog post to discuss the areas of commercial construction that we specialize in.

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What Customers Expect from JGBowers Building Contractors


 In the spirit of innovation, we want to take this month’s blog post as an opportunity to reflect on what customers expect when they work with our team of professionals.

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Start Planning Your Commercial Construction for 2024


In today’s blog post, we’re going to detail how we work with you from start to finish to make sure that you get the construction that you dreamed of

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Revitalizing Interior Design with JG Bowers

Redefine Your Business with JG Bowers Commercial Interior Renovations


With the summer here at last, it’s finally the perfect time to renovate your business’ interior. Where the Midwest winter often complicates renovations with snow and frigid temperatures and the spring and fall run the risk of harsh rain impeding progress with blackouts and water damage, summer is the perfect time to redefine your business’ interior.

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It’s one thing to get a job done—it’s another to get a job done right. For that

What Makes an Ideal Commercial Construction Service?


It’s one thing to get a job done—it’s another to get a job done right. For that reason, here at JGBowers we believe in giving our clients only the highest level of construction that we can offer.

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Commercial Construction Company

Why Choose a Full-Service Commercial Construction Company?


When choosing a commercial construction company, it is important to select one that meets all the needs of the construction project that you manage. From the start of a project with designs for building to management of the construction itself while it is in progress, a full-service team should have the capabilities and equipment to provide the best construction experience every step of the way.

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Interior Build Out

What is an Interior Build Out?


If you have been around general contractors before, you may have heard the term interior build out, but not been sure what it might have meant. Interior build outs are the process of turning a commercial structure into a usable space for a business. Businesses that need an interior build out often include those that are considering moving into a building that was previously housing another, businesses that want to move into a new structure to start their business, and more.

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Commercial General Contractor

Why You Should Hire Commercial General Contractors


Whether you need an existing space worked on or wish to construct a new building from the ground up, the commercial general contractors from JGBowers, Inc. are the experienced professionals for the job. Our team manages construction from start to finish, making it a simpler process for everyone involved. Our expertise means a smooth construction process throughout, giving you all the resources necessary to get the job done quickly and done right.

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Building Contractors

Building Contractors Reliably Take Builds from Start to Finish


Finding the right building contractor for planned construction can be a big decision, and that is why you should trust in one that will reliably take your project from start to finish with zero room for error. JGBowers, Inc. has general contractors and a long list of sub-contractors that we trust to help anyone looking to get a building constructed both inside and out finished quickly and finished well.

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