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Whether we're documenting a recent experience in commercial construction or we're discussing new tools that allow us to complete your job more effectively and more efficiently, visit this page often to stay up to date with the latest news and developments at JGBowers, Inc.

Commercial Builder

Remodel Educational Facilities with a Trusted Commercial Builder


When your educational facility has started to show its age, and it needs to be remodeled to keep it functioning as best as possible, JG Bowers, Inc. is the commercial builder than can provide the best services to crafting a new space. Capable of crafting almost any design, the general contractors at JG Bowers, Inc. will give you the remodeled space that you’re looking for.

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Building Contractors

Build a Better Roof System with Professional Building Contractors


When you’re hiring on a building contractor for your project, it can be beneficial to take advantage of a factor punched roof system compared to traditional roofing. Providing a roof system from our partner, Butler Manufacturing, JGBowers, Inc. can give your building a roof that can benefit your commercial building in a variety of ways.

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Construction General Contractor

Work with a Construction General Contractor Who Cares


Once your project has been finished, JG Bowers, Inc. is the construction general contractor who can assist with any future maintenance, upgrades, and general care that you might need. Due to responsibilities you may face as the business owner, it can sometimes be overwhelming to worry about your buildings needs on top of meetings, payroll, and more. We at JG Bowers, Inc. can be there for you whenever you need work done on your building from completion of the building and into the future.

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Commercial Construction

Big Projects Benefit from Commercial Construction


When hiring a company for your commercial construction, you want one that will give you the best product with dependable designs, and JGBowers, with Butler building designs, can craft the perfect one you need. Big projects demand only the best, and our contractors offer the construction and maintenance you can count on. From start to finish, you know your structure will be taken care of with JGBowers.

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Interior Renovations

Interior Renovations and Additions Made Easy


When your business needs interior renovations or additions for inside or outside, the professionals at JGBowers Inc. have the capabilities and years of experience you need. No matter what industry your business is part of, JGBowers Inc. can craft renovations or additions that fit the aesthetic of your business with appealing and tasteful designs. No matter the project, JGBowers Inc. is sure to be able to find your perfect solution.

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Commercial Contractor

Update Your Stadium with a Commercial Contractor


Now that we’re in winter and outdoor sports have taken a break for the season, you can get started on improving your stadium with a professional commercial contractor. Whether you’re a college, high school, or even a middle school that has a stadium for your outdoor sports and events, you can trust the contractors at JGBowers, Inc. to inspect, plan, design, and build new facilities.

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Building Contractor

JGBowers, Inc.: Your Safe Building Contractor


When the time comes for your business to hire a building contractor, you can trust JGBowers, Inc. to get your project taken care of efficiently and safely. We are one of Indiana’s most respected construction general contractors, and that’s thanks to years of quality service and a trustworthy staff who will give you the best results every time. If you want commercial contracting and want it done safely, JGBowers, Inc. is the best option around.

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Commercial Construction Services

Commercial Construction Services for Your Projects


JGBowers, Inc. have supplied commercial construction services for many clients over the years, and this includes services and maintenance done after your projects are completed.  From beginning and into the future, JGBowers, Inc. does everything to make sure that your buildings are kept in the best condition possible. With our experience personnel, your construction management will get the best care possible.

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Commercial Construction

Building the Future of Commercial Construction with myShop


As members of a community, we at JGBowers, Inc. are always looking for ways to benefit those who are also part of it with our knowledge of commercial construction. And, one way that we know we can help in this endeavor, is by teaching the future of our communities: students. With the myShop student outreach program, JGBowers, Inc. is bringing all our knowledge of commercial construction and woodworking and passing it on to the next generation.

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Pre-Engineered Construction

Innovation Never Stops with Butler Designed Pre-Engineered Construction


Builders are always looking for a smarter way to accomplish their job, and pre-engineered construction is a direct result of that drive. From its inception, Butler has been finding new and better ways to deliver their commercial metal building systems. You’re probably already aware that Butler systems are prefabricated in a factory and arrive ready for assembly, but you may not know the level of innovation and testing that has gone into the product before it even arrives.

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