JGBowers, Inc.: Your Safe Building Contractor

Building Contractor

When the time comes for your business to hire a building contractor, you can trust JGBowers, Inc. to get your project taken care of efficiently and safely. We are one of Indiana’s most respected construction general contractors, and that’s thanks to years of quality service and a trustworthy staff who will give you the best results every time. If you want commercial contracting and want it done safely, JGBowers, Inc. is the best option around.

Safety the whole way

JGBowers, Inc. helps you with your commercial construction projects from ground-breaking to finishing the interior and maintains safety standards every step of the way. We take our work very seriously and consider the necessary precautions with each new part. Part of our mission includes always delivering on exactly what our customers want, and we can do this while keeping our work environment safe and productive.

Nothing sacrificed for safety

Sometimes with projects that others work on, safety standards may be put to the side in place of meeting deadlines, but not for the building contractors at JGBowers, Inc.. We recognize that time is an asset for our clients and that they want their projects done within specific dates that are set, and we deliver on those timelines while keeping our workers and site safe.

Experience matters

JGBowers, Inc. is a great and safe building contractor because of the experience that our workers carry with them. We have built franchises, restaurants and retailers, larger new construction, warehousing, and more. With such a wide variety of project experience, our workers know how to get a job done within your guidelines and timeframe while doing so in a safe and smart way.

With innovative products and procedures, JGBowers, Inc. continues to be a leading building contractor for you. By working with our clients through every step of their projects, we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed in our results.

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