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Hallmark Interior Build Out

Building contractors come in all different shapes, sizes, and specialties. While we at JGBowers specialize in interior build outs and commercial construction, the terminology, grey areas, and jargon can feel overwhelming at times for those not already versed in the construction industry. To the layperson, it may even come as a surprise that a painter, an electrician, and a brick mason would all be considered in the field of construction.

With this context in mind, we at JGBowers wanted to take this month’s blog post to discuss the areas of commercial construction that we specialize in. In particular, we’ll be covering our work in interior build outs, commercial interior renovations, and our work as a construction general contractor.

Interior Build Outs

Interior build outs are a hallmark of our services here at JGBowers, which is why we’ve done them for companies such as, well, Hallmark. Companies like Hallmark choose us to perform they interior build outs because we understand that the interior of a building is just as important to a customer as the exterior. We believe that a building’s inside and outside should work in a sort of harmony, complementing one another, instead of feeling like two different projects. For that reason, JGBowers is first choice for interior build outs for companies throughout Marion, Indiana, and beyond.

Commercial Interior Renovations

In addition to perform interior build outs, we also offer commercial interior renovations. Though similar, the primary difference between interior build outs and commercial interior renovations is that the renovations seek to restore and enhance, instead of build from scratch. If you are a business owner that stands by your building’s interior design and would like to see it restored to its former glory—or even beyond it—JGBowers can help you turn back time.

JGBowers as a Construction General Contractor

General commercial contractors are ideal for almost any project for one simple reason: we oversee every step of the construction process. Where other areas of construction only specialize in one aspect of a project, we specialize in the life cycle of the entire process.

As a general contractor for commercial construction, we’ve created a diversity of buildings for a wide variety of customer needs. Here are just some of the industries that we’ve done construction for:

  • Education
  • Franchise
  • Medical
  • Food Service
  • Real Estate Development
  • Retail

Whether it’s perfecting the interior of an existing building or creating a whole new building from scratch, our team at JGBowers is always gets the job done right. For more information about the services we offer and how we can bring out the best in your construction project, contact us today.

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