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When you’re hiring on a building contractor for your project, it can be beneficial to take advantage of a factor punched roof system compared to traditional roofing. Providing a roof system from our partner, Butler Manufacturing, JGBowers, Inc. can give your building a roof that can benefit your commercial building in a variety of ways.

A secure roof

The MR-24 roof system that we provide through Butler Manufacturing allows your building to get a roof that perfectly fits it, causing it to be more secure. As it is produced in the factory, it is bunched to guarantee exact alignment for your roof system, which increases durability and allows for further adaptation in weather differences. With this and its long-lasting capabilities, you can go longer without worrying about the space above your head.

An efficient roof

The MR-24 can save you costs and help sustain the environment thanks to its efficiency. Factory punched panels are moved separately from the supporting structure of the roof system, meaning deterioration from thermal cycling can be avoided. With this and the use of fewer materials to craft this roofing system, you not only save on costs by investing in a long-lasting roof, you save the environment by not wasting materials having to fix or replace a roof more frequently.

A protecting roof

Not only is the MR-24 from Butler Manufacturing more durable and long-lasting than other commercial roofing solutions, it also is extremely weathertight. Butler is so confident in their roof’s ability that they offer a 25-year warranty for weathertightness. JGBowers, Inc. has worked as building contractors long enough to know that you don’t get that kind of confidence in your product without it being the best around.

JGBowers, Inc. travels the Midwest to bring quality commercial construction to your business. No matter what construction you have in mind, the professionals at JGBowers, Inc. can work with you to craft the best solution.

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