Redefine Your Business with JG Bowers Commercial Interior Renovations

Revitalizing Interior Design with JG Bowers

With the summer here at last, it’s finally the perfect time to renovate your business’ interior. Where the Midwest winter often complicates renovations with snow and frigid temperatures and the spring and fall run the risk of harsh rain impeding progress with blackouts and water damage, summer is the perfect time to redefine your business’ interior. But, it begs the question, what does “redefining” your business truly look like in practice? Over the course of today’s blog post, we’ll be discussing the different ways we at JG Bowers handle commercial interior renovations and how it can rejuvenate your business for employees and customers alike.

How JG Bowers Upgrades Your Business’ Interior

As building contractors, we’re often asked exactly what our expertise entails. While it’s certainly a broad question, we often like to respond with: pretty much everything you need. We’re qualified to provide you with interior design, we’re licensed architects, we handle carpentry, cabinetry, casework, CAD floor plans, and more. We’re particularly suited to giving unique and creative looks to restaurants, rising to meet franchise specifications while still providing a sense of individuality, or crafting a sense of calming ambience for medical or legal spaces.

How Interior Renovations Can Rejuvenate Your Business

Simply put: customers and clients like things that look and feel new. That being said, there’s more than just that “fresh care smell” that makes an interior renovation make your business stand out. In the construction and architecture trades, it’s often said that good design is invisible, and we at JG Bowers stand by that idea. It’s less important to us that a customer looks at your building and says that it’s impressive or well-designed, and more important that your customer feels that your building is impressive and well designed. Few customers will return to your place of business because they were intellectually stimulated by your business’ interior design. However, one of the most important factors to any business garnering return customers is a welcoming ambience. That’s why we don’t just try to make an impressive space for your business—we make an impressive space for your business that people like to be in.

Are you interested in revitalizing your business with a look and feel that will keep customers coming again and again? If so, contact us today or take a look at our portfolio of previous work.

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