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widespan structural system

Benefit from Endless Flexibility with Widespan Structural Systems Manufactured by Butler


When you are considering all of your design options, and want to leave room for future flexibility, we recommend you take a closer look at widespan structural systems by Butler Manufacturing. They work great for new construction, remodels, and expansions. These are great solutions for manufacturing plants, warehouses, truck terminals, retail stores, and office complexes. Commercial applications that want to make a strong start with an option for limitless growth should learn more about this versatile system.

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Butler MR-24 Roof System

Butler Manufacturing and the MR-24 Roof System


Butler Manufacturing has a long, proud history of providing the industry's best roofing solutions. The company's MR-24 roof system, known for its factory punched panels, Pittsburgh double-lock seams and moveable clips is regarded as the finest standing seam metal roof system in the world. Ideal for projects where weathertight performance and performance under changing temperatures are essential, the MR-24 system has become a mainstay in the industry, where it is chosen for its proven reliability and long-term cost effectiveness.

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Butler Manufacturing

The Strengths of the MR-24 Roof System from Butler Manufacturing


A building's roof is like a suit of armor. Taking over 90% of the yearly wear and tear, the roof safeguards your building's valuable internals: products, equipment, tooling and personnel. It endures regular onslaughts from rain and snow, heat and cold. Like armor, roofs, too, can become damaged. They can suffer blows that threaten their integrity. And, like armor, when a roof failure occurs, the cost can be catastrophic. In light of this, investing in a rock-solid, proven roofing system – like Butler's MR-24 system – is an investment in your building's livelihood.

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A Closer Look at Butler’s MR-24 Roof System


As we announced in one of our earlier blog posts, JGBowers, Inc. has partnered with Butler Manufacturing. With Butler's proven ability in the construction industry and JGBowers, Inc.'s position as commercial construction experts, the pairing is a natural evolution of our commitment to changing the game. Today, we're going to take a closer look at one of Buter's more impressive innovations: the MR-24 Roof System.

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Butler Manufacturing

JG Bowers, Inc. Partners with Butler Manufacturing


JGBowers, Inc. has announced a new collaboration with Butler Manufacturing. "We were looking for the next avenue of growth and our team felt that entering in to the pre-engineered, structural steel construction business was the right way to go" says Phil Bowers, President of JGBowers, Inc. For more than 30 years, JGBowers has specialized in commercial construction, in addition to retail and educational facilities. "The majority of the work we do is remodel work in existing buildings. We do roughly 80 percent interior remodel and 20 percent new construction" says Chris Rosman, Construction Manager for JGBowers.

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