Butler Manufacturing’s Landmark 2000 Structural Systems Get a Boost with PurlinXT Technology

Structural System

By using PurlinXT technology, Butler has created a pre-engineered framing system that can extend up to 60 feet, which is easily the longest bay size available in the industry. The vast, open area, allows for building owners to maximize the functionality of their space.

The Landmark 2000 structural system uses Truss PurlinXT structural members on top of solid-web primary frames, and rod bracing to create a long-bay framing system. The businesses that will benefit from the massive size of this structural system are ones that benefit from or absolutely require open areas with a lot of floor space, which include: hangars for aviation, large retail stores, factories, and warehouse and distribution facilities.

Landmark 2000 combined with PurlinXT has many other benefits, as well. Because the system requires less bridging, footings, and columns, there is a lot more usable space which can make a huge difference in many different building uses. The system is as attractive as it is functional with its acrylic-coated galvanized finish.  Perhaps most importantly to you, using Truss PRurlinXT with this incredible pre-engineered structural system, means ensured accuracy and speed during erection. The chords are pre-punched for easy panel attachment and already marked for bridging locations. You do not even need welding, because the bridging is mechanically attached. The pieces are packaged in the erection sequence, with will save time and make the installation for cost efficient.

At JGBowers, Inc., we are proud to be partnered with Butler Manufacturing. Butler has shown time and time again their commitment to offering the best products that use the newest industry technology. This is showcased in their decision to combine the Landmark 2000 structural system and PurlinXT. Please contact us today so we can discuss what structural framing system best fits your needs.

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