Butler Manufacturing and the MR-24 Roof System

Butler MR-24 Roof System

Butler Manufacturing has a long, proud history of providing the industry’s best roofing solutions. The company’s MR-24 roof system, known for its factory punched panels, Pittsburgh double-lock seams and moveable clips is regarded as the finest standing seam metal roof system in the world. Ideal for projects where weathertight performance and performance under changing temperatures are essential, the MR-24 system has become a mainstay in the industry, where it is chosen for its proven reliability and long-term cost effectiveness.

In fact, the MR-24 roof system has been installed on over 2.1 billion square feet across the globe. Hitting this milestone in early 2013, the company notes that that is “enough to cover 259,259 baseball fields or the cities of Lincoln, Neb., Savannah, Ga., and Des Moines, Iowa, combined.” According to Tom Gilligan, the predisent of Butler Manufacturing, “This landmark is a testament to the unmatched protection provided by the MR-24 roof system. Through the expertise of our Butler Builder dealers, the MR-24 roof system has become the most specified standing-seam roof on the market.”

Because of this protection, JGBowers, Inc. has returned to the MR-24 roof system time and time again. We know that our customers demand the best and, because of that, we feel that the system’s durability, longevity, sustainability and cost efficiency put it leagues ahead of lesser, competing roofing systems.

At JGBowers, Inc., we take quality seriously. We want to provide our customers with great upfront values and – more importantly – with values that grow and develop over time. With the cost savings that the MR-24 system affords – both by reducing energy usage and eliminating damage caused by leaks – we feel that Butler’s system is an easy choice. If you’ve been looking for a trusted, reliable contractor for your roofing project, contact us today to learn how the products from Butler Manufacturing can save your business money.

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