Butler’s SunLite Strip® Daylighting System: A Common Sense Solution

Butler’s SunLite Strip® Daylighting System in action

At JGBowers we know that all of our clients like to save money, so we’re proud to offer them Butler’s SunLite Strip® daylighting system. Developed to work in tandem with Butler’s MR-24 Roofing system, SunLite Strips lower energy costs and increase safety inside buildings.

Why Not Harvest The Sunlight? Here in Indiana, we understand common sense solutions, and using the sun to light up our buildings is an obvious one. What may not be so obvious is that a SunLite Strip is more than a skylight. Each 2’ by 10’ unit has a triple polycarbonate lens with prismatic reflectors. Designed to diffuse the light, there aren’t harsh spots, moving pools of light, or distracting reflections. Some users have even confused them for electrical lights. This is an innovative product designed to reduce energy costs even on cloudy days. They’ve also been shown to provide a return on investment in as little as 3 – 5 years.

More Light = A Safer Place to Work. SunLite Strip® daylighting provides lighting that is always “on.” When workers move between different work areas during the day there will always be a degree of ambient lighting available. While you’ll still need to augment your building with some form of traditional lighting, the SunLite strips will always be working at no cost. These are also an excellent resource when there is a power outage.

Engineered to work accurately with the MR-24 roofing system, SunLite Strip® daylighting system provide a water tight product. When integrated with control systems, you can see a reduction of up to 70% in electrical lighting usage. We’re proud to offer this Butler solution to our clients. Contact JGBowers to learn more about this sensible building solution.

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