Why We Partner With Butler For Commercial Construction

commercial construction with Butler

At JGBowers Inc. we are quality driven in the work we build, and Butler products are a reliable and integral component of our commercial construction. When we take on a build, we expect to complete our work on schedule, to the exacting specifications of our clients and our own standards, and for our construction to stand up to external conditions. Butler products are designed and tested to deliver on all accounts.

Keeping Up The Pace. When we employ Butler products we know that they are dependable, make solid installation easier, and have been designed with the jobsite in mind. Butler wants to deliver value for the lifetime of the building, and that starts from the minute materials are delivered to the jobsite. The complete structure system of your building has been taken into account, from the Shadowall Wall System to the MR-24 Roof System.

That’s Right, Exactly. Butler has been the leader in pre-engineered construction for over 60 years. Pre-engineered construction smooths out unnecessary variables. Engineered and fabricated off site, the components don’t need field modification. This process assures precision and speeds up construction – reducing labor costs for the entire project.

Built For Tomorrow. We know that the life of your building doesn’t end when the permits are completed and keys are handed off. Although the construction is complete the lifetime of the building is just beginning. Butler products are subjected to an array of extensive testing to simulate the effects of common environmental factors. We don’t have to wait 5 years to see how the roofing will stand up to full sun, moisture and wind conditions. We already know with Butler’s real-time-testing that they will hold up for the full length of their warranties.

JGBowers, Inc. is governed by the principal of building commercial construction you’ll be proud of. If you’re ready to explore your next construction project, contact us today.

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