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What is an Interior Build Out and Why Should You Get One?


In this month’s blog post, we’ll be discussing what interior build outs are, and why you should consider getting one.

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Commercial Builders

Renovate Sports Stadiums during Downtime with Commercial Builders


With so many sports currently operating on a shortened season, now can be the perfect time to take advantage of the services offered by your dependable commercial builders at JG Bowers, Inc. From smaller stadiums that could use a press box to larger ones that require interior renovations of their press boxes, JG Bowers, Inc. can do it all. Start to finish, JG Bowers, Inc. has your construction needs covered.

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Commercial Builder

Remodel Educational Facilities with a Trusted Commercial Builder


When your educational facility has started to show its age, and it needs to be remodeled to keep it functioning as best as possible, JG Bowers, Inc. is the commercial builder than can provide the best services to crafting a new space. Capable of crafting almost any design, the general contractors at JG Bowers, Inc. will give you the remodeled space that you’re looking for.

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