Remodel Educational Facilities with a Trusted Commercial Builder

Commercial Builder

When your educational facility has started to show its age, and it needs to be remodeled to keep it functioning as best as possible, JG Bowers, Inc. is the commercial builder than can provide the best services to crafting a new space. Capable of crafting almost any design, the general contractors at JG Bowers, Inc. will give you the remodeled space that you’re looking for.

Help you visualize

Not sure what type of design you want for your remodeled space? Our contractors provide interior design services from licensed architects, meaning we can help you flesh out what it is you’re looking for. Whether that means keeping the look like your old one, or a completely new, modern take, your educational space can get the refreshing, new look that it needs to bring back interest and visitors to your space.

Every aspect

From carpentry to cabinet work, JG Bowers, Inc. is the commercial builder that does it all. Our custom solutions to your remodeling projects can help to find the perfect setup for any space. Capable of reshaping your building to match the floor planning you have in mind, JG Bowers, Inc. can craft your entire remodel from the ground up. If your educational space has a computer lab or any other electrical requirements, we handle that too! Providing everything you need, our commercial builders are here to help.

Experienced contractors

In our long history of working with different businesses, we at JG Bowers, Inc. have worked on educational facilities to make them perfect for students of all ages. From elementary aged students to universities, JG Bowers, Inc. has the experience as a commercial builder to give you the build that can best serve an institution of learning.

Travelling throughout the Midwest to bring the best commercial construction to your job site, JG Bowers, Inc. can deliver the best construction solutions to your educational facility’s remodel.

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