Big Projects Benefit from Commercial Construction

Commercial Construction

When hiring a company for your commercial construction, you want one that will give you the best product with dependable designs, and JGBowers, with Butler building designs, can craft the perfect one you need. Big projects demand only the best, and our contractors offer the construction and maintenance you can count on. From start to finish, you know your structure will be taken care of with JGBowers.

The widespan system

Butler’s Widespan™ structural system can bring customization and flexibility to your bigger projects through effective build techniques. This system allows for height and roof slope to width and exterior finish to be adjusted with ease, so you don’t have to compromise with exterior needs and aesthetic desires for your building. Designed to easily allow extensions of a building, the Widespan™ structural system is also a great choice for those big projects that plan to get even bigger.

Why Butler

We partner with Butler because, like JGBowers, they have many years of experience and quality products to help create long-standing structures. Every Butler component is made to assemble, so your entire building from the walls to the roof can be built faster. Through simple but effective designs, JGBowers, with Butler, create buildings that can be built faster than traditional construction methods can manage, without losing out on building strength or dependability.

Put it together

So, put together Butler’s trusted building systems, JGBowers’ design services and commercial construction capabilities, and what do you get? A dependable and experienced company that can bring versatility and innovative designs to any big construction project you have in mind. Whether it’s general contracting and maintenance or designing the perfect space for your business, JGBowers has the capabilities to help.

Whether it’s for franchises, restaurants, retailers, or large new construction, JGBowers can build the projects you need. With a long record of successful projects, see what we can do for you today!

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