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Commercial Construction

As members of a community, we at JGBowers, Inc. are always looking for ways to benefit those who are also part of it with our knowledge of commercial construction. And, one way that we know we can help in this endeavor, is by teaching the future of our communities: students. With the myShop student outreach program, JGBowers, Inc. is bringing all our knowledge of commercial construction and woodworking and passing it on to the next generation.

Filling the gap

We at JGBowers, Inc. know that there are students of every variety, and we believe that means they shouldn’t be limited in what skills they are able to develop and master. We saw many schools, especially in Indiana, discontinuing their woodshop classes in their industrial arts programs. Because of this, we created the myShop program to make sure students who were interested in this line of work would still be capable of taking this unique learning experience.

Partnering with others who care

The myShop program from JGBowers, Inc. is an extension of the Architectural Woodwork Institute’s Adopt-A-Shop program, which urges businesses in the woodworking industry to get involved with education students. Our myShop program alongside the Adopt-A-Shop program makes sure that any students who are interested in woodworking have the opportunities presented to them that students interested in other topics have.

From classroom to career

The myShop program begins with students meeting employees in different departments so they can see all the different possibilities available to them with a company like JGBowers, Inc.. They learn the process from planning to manufacturing, so they can find the specific thing that interests them. Between these meetings, presentations, and a guided facility tour, students will learn commercial construction through and through to figure out where they might fit in.

JGBowers, Inc. brings to you more than 30 years of experience to all your commercial construction needs. No matter the project, whether it’s building a warehouse, retail store, or an expansion, JGBowers, Inc. has the skills you need.

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