Butler Manufacturing Offers Sustainable and Green Construction Technologies

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The demand for going green and sustainability is consistently increasing as time goes on. Butler Manufacturing has become an industry leader for their efforts with sustainability by using available practices that work to make sustainable construction systems more affordable. In this post, we will look at some of the things that make Butler Manufacturing the ideal choice for cost efficient, environmentally friendly, and sustainable commercial construction building systems.

1. Efficiency

Butler is highly focused on reducing material waste. They believe in using the exact amount of steel and other materials needed for building systems. Doing so means less environmental impact as well as cost savings for the consumer.

2. Recycled and salvaged products

Butler Manufacturing has partnerships with steel plants which affords them the ability to use more recycled steel than other companies. Oftentimes almost ¾ of completed buildings are made from recycled steel.

3. Recyclable and reusable materials

The construction systems designed and manufactured by Butler are built with the idea that they should be able to be disassembled and relocated. Because of this, buildings can be changed or expanded instead of being completely rebuilt.

4. Low roof temperatures

Butler uses “cool roofs” which greatly reduces internal temperatures of the buildings. These roofs also come with a 25 year warranty.

5. Greater lifespan with less maintenance

Butler Manufacturing buildings almost always outlive their warranties with little to no maintenance. This means there is less waste and reduced repair costs.

At JGBowers, we are committed to constantly working to do more in the way of green technologies. Our partnership with Butler Manufacturing is due in part to their exceptional record in working to increase sustainability and reduce costs. If you have been considering upgrading your current facility or constructing a new building and green technologies are importan

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