Green Commercial Construction from JGBowers’ Partner Butler Manufacturing

Commercial Construction

Butler Manufacturing is an industry leader in green and sustainable commercial construction. In order to help preserve our planet, Butler has implemented new eco-friendly technologies and practices that make green building more efficient and affordable. In this post, we will check out a few of the ways Butler Manufacturing is helping to create sustainable and cost-effective green commercial construction building systems.

Use of recycled and salvaged materials and products

Butler Manufacturing uses more recycled steel than their competitors by using a unique electric arc furnace process – this means that almost ¾ of your finished commercial building could be made from recycled steel. Butler’s commercial building systems are also specifically designed to make disassembly, relocation, and modification easy and efficient. The ability to repurpose or expand existing building is sustainability at its core.


Butler makes it an absolute priority to not use more steel than is necessary for your commercial construction specifications. This means less impact on the environment as well as reduced costs for the customer.

Decreased roof temperatures

Butler Manufacturing uses cool roof technology which significantly lowers roof temperatures. A cool roof means a cooler internal temperature in your commercial building. These cool roofs also come with a 25-year warranty that guarantees against excessive wear.

Increased lifespan and less maintenance

Having a quality commercial roof with a long lifespan and a long lasting warranty means less waste and reduced cost when it comes to repairs.

At JGBower’s Inc., we work with Butler Manufacturing to not only improve our business, but to advance the commercial construction industry overall. Butler has shown that they have the fortitude and foresight to constantly working toward more sustainable and green commercial construction systems. If you’ve been considering upgrading your facility or constructing a new commercial building, do not hesitate to contact JGBowers today! 

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