Two Ways Technology Has Changed Commercial Construction

Commercial Construction

Technology has always rapidly changed the way that business is done. This could not be more true for the commercial construction industry. The industry is learning and using new technologies to adopt new processes and improve old ones. In this post we will look at two ways in which technology has not only helped change the way the commercial construction process is managed, but also the positive effects it has had on client service.


Back before the internet was as prominent as it is now, potential clients would actually send out a set of plans for a bid to each construction company or trade partner they wanted a bid from. This could mean over fifty copies being printed for just one project.

Now, because of online project software, the whole bidding process can be digital. This causes a drastic decrease in bid expenses, but even more importantly to most clients, is the time saved. When a plan is sent out it a bid can be put together on it the same day in most cases.

Another huge asset to having a central digital location for project information, is that all communication and updates on the project are streamlined which allows us to do our job more effectively and efficiently.

Client service

One of the largest impacts technology has had on the commercial construction industry is the ability to share construction project data quickly and easily. The ability to create a system that makes sure information is available and accessible for everyone involved in the construction process is priceless for the contractor and clients. It creates a level of transparency and accountability that fosters collaboration and a trusting relationship.

At JGBowers, Inc. in Indiana, we have been in the commercial construction business for over thirty years, so embracing and adapting to new technology is something we’re used to. The construction projects we have done cover a wide range of commercial buildings, from schools to professional offices to restaurants. If you are looking for a trusted and reliable commercial contractor, give us a call today!

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