Why Butler Manufacturing? Let the Experts at JGBowers Show You the Differences!

Commercial Construction

We know that our clients want the best. They want commercial construction services that provide solutions that last. That’s why we work with Butler Manufacturing, the most innovative and reliable supplier of roofing, construction and general building solutions. When you choose JGBowers, you’re choosing Butler and, along with that, you’re choosing quality, consistency and rock-solid reliability. In this post, we’d like to look at a few of the major advantages of Butler’s building solutions and why you’ll be glad that you chose them.

1. Staggered panel splices

Other companies position panel splices in a grid across the roof, creating areas where four panels need to be secured at the same location. This leads to unreliable weatherproofing as the splices create a natural gap in coverage. To avoid this, Butler staggers panel splices, creating a more intuitive, dependable roof system.

2. Factory punching

The Butler system utilizes factory punching to attain perfect alignment. Improper alignment can cause a number of issues that affect a roof’s performance, such as spotty weathertightness and difficulty installing closures and roof accessories. The factory punched panels on Butler’s MR-24 roof system, allow for a perfectly aligned roof, meaning you’ll be able to rely on it for long-term protection against the elements.

3. Steel rod bracing

Unlike wire rope and cable bracing, Buter uses solid steel rod bracing that won’t sag or stretch as time progresses. Because of this, you can count on your roof’s integrity to last and, more importantly, you can depend on it to remain watertight.

At JGBowers, we work with the best so that we can deliver the best. Our commercial construction services are backed by over thirty years of internal experience and bolstered by the strength of Butler Manufacturing’s industry leading products. If you’ve been looking for commercial construction experts that refuse to compromise and promise to deliver reliable, quality solutions, give us a call today to begin discussing your project.

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