Why Choose JGBowers’ Partner -- Butler Manufacturing?

Commercial Construction

Our clients want and deserve the absolute best commercial construction services available. For this reason, we partnered with Butler Manufacturing, one of the highest rated, most inventive, and most trusted suppliers of construction, general building, and roofing solutions. So, when you hire JGBowers, you’re also hiring Butler Manufacturing. In this post, we will look at some of the benefits of Butler Manufacturing’s construction solutions and why they’re right for you.

1. Steel rod bracing

Butler Manufacturing does not use wire rope or cable bracing and instead uses solid steel rod bracing. This is important because solid steel robs used as braces will not sag or stretch as time goes on. This means your roofing system will have a much longer life than many of Butler’s competitors, and you can count on the roof to be watertight through its lifetime.

2. Staggered panel splices

Many commercial construction companies put panel slices in a grid on the roofing area, which creates a situation where four panels have to be secured at the spot. This causes subpar weatherproofing as the splices make a gap in coverage. To prevent this, Butler staggers its panel slices, which creates a much more dependable and weatherproof roof system.

3. Factory punching

In order to ensure perfect alignment, Butler Manufacturing systems use factory punching. Systems that are not properly aligned can cause all sorts of problems, including difficult installation of closures and roof accessories and compromised weathertightness. Butler’s MR-24 roof system uses factory punched panels which mean a roof that’s aligned perfectly.

At JGBowers Inc., we are partnered with the best commercial construction system manufacturer out there, Butler Manufacturing. If you have been looking for experts in commercial construction who use the absolute best products and work with the best companies, give us a call today!


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