From Store to Office, Commercial Contractors Do It All

Commercial Contractor

No matter kind of business you’re in, if you are in need of construction or maintenance, designing for a new structure, and more, JGBowers, Inc. are the general commercial contractors that can do it all. With a long history of working with businesses from a variety of sectors, you can trust our abilities to deliver to you the best, quality construction services.

Big and small

If you’re intimidated by the scale of some of our projects because you own a smaller business that is looking to hire commercial contractors, don’t be! We’ve worked on projects from a small and simple local library all the way to something as large as a general hospital. No matter the specifications, building compliances that need to be followed, or floor layouts are too much for JGBowers, Inc. to provide. We’ll work with you to fully understand what it is you need from your building and its interior to ensure a fully realized final build.

Make your own

When designing you building and interior with JGBowers, Inc. commercial contractors, your building can get a unique appearance to make it stand out from others. We offer creative interior design, carpentry, and even custom cabinetry and casework, ensuring your business is designed and constructed specifically toward your ideas for it. This means you can not only get the perfect appearance, but, depending on your room or product layout, functionality as well. From start to finish, store to office, JGBowers, Inc. gets the job done.

Whether you own a small business that needs a unique build or opening a new branch of a major retail chain or restaurant, JGBowers, Inc. is the quality commercial contractor that can help every step of the way. Ensure success with your building’s look, layout, and build today by contacting us, and get started on your way to your perfect building!

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