The Benefits of Factory Punched Roof Systems

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JG Bowers Inc. is proud to offer the Butler MR-24 roof system, the most advanced roofing system on the market. The MR-24 system is the only roof system to seam panels with a 360 degree Pittsburgh double-lock seam. Capable of being finished in the field with Butler’s Roof Runner seaming machine, the roof system uses factory punched panels to offer benefits that no other system can claim. In this post, we’d like to look a little closer at what those benefits are and how they differ from conventional roofing systems.

1. Ensure proper alignment

Factory punched roof panels ensure the precise alignment of the roof system. This alignment increases durability and allows the system to adapt to frequent temperature changes.

2. More weathertight

With factory punched panels and curb system fasteners positioned on the interior flange of the roof curbs, the MR-24 system offers superior weathertightness. Butler is so confident in their design that the system is available with an unmatched 25 year weathertightness warranty.

3. Endure better, last longer

The MR-24 roof system from Butler Manufacturing has been shown to last twice as long as conventional roofs. With 40 years of documented in-place performance, it is the longest lasting, most resilient system on the market.

4. Energy and cost efficient

With factory punched panels, the panels are able to move independently of the supporting structure. This ensures that there is no deterioration in the materials due to thermal cycling.

5. Sustainable “green” design

The MR-24 system is material-efficient, low-maintenance and recyclable. With its long, 40 year life cycle and “green” attributes, the system also has the ability to earn you credits for LEED certification.

At JG Bowers, Inc., we offer an extensive line of construction and maintenance services. No matter what your needs, from adding new bathrooms to interior renovations to roof maintenance, we make sure that every job is done correctly. Our partnership with Butler Manufacturing allows us to increase our certainty. With their quality products, innovative designs and reliable systems, they allow us to do every job right the first time. If you’re considering upgrading your current roof, contact one of the experts at JG Bowers today to learn how you can benefit from Butler’s MR-24 roof system.

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