Building Learning Environments

Education Environments

When you need to build or rebuild an education environment, JGBowers, Inc. is the partner you’re looking for. We take a lot of pride in community projects, and schools are the heart of our communities. If you need design build services to solve space issues or general contracting services, we can work with you to customize your education construction from the classroom to the stadium.

Classrooms Needs Are Specific To The Curriculum. For the schools of today and tomorrow we build classrooms, and educational spaces, to suit the specific learning needs that will take place in them. From chemistry labs to libraries, we make sure these spaces are ready to accommodate everything from safety systems in the lab to the growing digital needs alongside the books. Lunchrooms, residence halls, art studios, we understand the wide range of activities students are involved in and the specific needs for education construction.

Students Experience Personal Growth With Sports. Not all learning is in the classroom. K-12 schools and universities take a lot of pride in their athletic programs. Educators know that involvement in team activities augments learning – student athletes learn social and leadership skills, build friendships, and are healthier – all of which benefits classroom learning. We’re ready to help your athletic program with gymnasiums, locker rooms, concession stands, even the press box at your outdoor stadium.

We have experience with construction of a multitude of learning environments, for students of all ages. If you want to expand your campus, create safe environments for learning, and accommodate students of all abilities, JGBowers, Inc. is the logical partner. We help with all aspects of learning, and believe sports are an integral part of the education environment. Contact the experts at JGBowers, Inc. today, and we’ll build great educational opportunities for students in your community.

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