Experience Unmatched Functionality with the Widespan Structural System by Butler Manufacturing

Widespread Structural System

A structural system is meant to add to a building’s functionality, not stand in its way. That’s the belief upon which the Widespan structural system is engineered. This adaptable rigid frame system assures maximum use of interior space, while also providing practically unlimited flexibility with regard to building width, height, roof slope, and exterior finish. Widespan features acrylic-coated and galvanized C/Z structural members for added stability and reduced maintenance costs over the life of the building.

The Widespan structural system is available in three different framing options. Each option is designed to harmonize with and enhance your building’s intended use. You also have the option of straight or tapered columns to meet your budget and performance parameters.

Your Widespan framing options

1) LRF framing system – This framing system provides a variable roof slope as low as 1/4:12 to 4:12 for a modern exterior profile. Buildings can also be specified in widths from 30 feet and to virtually unlimited lengths.

2) MRF framing system – This framing system is specifically designed for wide buildings using a minimum amount of interior columns. MRF buildings are available in widths from 60 to 300 feet, with interior modules from 20 to 80 feet.

3) WX framing system – This framing system provides extra space for expansions, allowing more design freedom now or in the future. WX frames are available in widths up to 60 feet.

With a systems construction solution from Butler, every Butler module is engineered and manufactured to assemble together. This means that the whole building can be built with greater speed and accuracy than is usually possible with conventional construction methods.

At JGBowers, Inc., we know that our customers deserve the best. So, we’ve partnered with Butler Manufacturing because they have consistently proven their commitment to structural systems that are more economical and faster to put up, requiring fewer parts and much less of your valuable time. Please contact us today so we can discuss what Widespan structural system framing options are best for you.

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