Green and Sustainable Construction from Butler Manufacturing

Sustainable Construction

Working smart to preserve our planet, Butler Manufacturing has taken a number of steps to ensure that they are following a “green” path. Having implemented a number of technologies and practices that make sustainable building more affordable, Butler is leading the industry with their sustainability efforts. In this post, we’d like to look at a few of the ways that Butler Manufacturing can help you build a more environmentally friendly, sustainable and – yes – cost-efficient building.

1. Salvaged and recycled products

Using a special electric arc furnace process at the North Star BlueScope Steel plant, Butler is able to utilize more recycled steel than competitors. Up to 74% of your completed building could be comprised of recycled steel.

2. Efficient use of materials

Butler aims to use precisely the amount of steel required to meet your specifications. As a result, both the environmental impact and costs are reduced as less material is wasted.

3. Lower roof temperatures mean lower energy costs

Butler’s “cool roofs” lower roof temperatures which results in reduced internal building temperatures. Additionally, they come with a 25-year warrantee that guarantee against excessive fading, chalking, blistering, peeling, cracking and chipping.

4. Reusable and recyclable materials

Butler’s buildings are designed to allow for disassembly, modification and relocation. This means that unused buildings can be repurposed or expanded, rather than needing to be completely rebuilt from new materials.

5. Limited maintenance, longer lifespan

Requiring less maintenance than similar buildings, Butler buildings have a well-deserved reputation for outlasting their warrantees, resulting in less waste, fewer repairs and reduced service costs.

At JGBowers, our mission is to constantly improve ourselves and advance our industry. Our partnership with Butler Manufacturing helps us to rise to this challenge. With their ability to provide lasting, sustainable roofing solutions, the company’s commitment to innovation is matched only by their dedication to long-term customer satisfaction. If you’ve been considering an upgrade to your existing facility or are planning a new building, contact the staff at JGBowers today and let us put our multitalented team to work for you!

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