Innovation Never Stops with Butler Designed Pre-Engineered Construction

Pre-Engineered Construction

Builders are always looking for a smarter way to accomplish their job, and pre-engineered construction is a direct result of that drive. From its inception, Butler has been finding new and better ways to deliver their commercial metal building systems. You’re probably already aware that Butler systems are prefabricated in a factory and arrive ready for assembly, but you may not know the level of innovation and testing that has gone into the product before it even arrives.

Studying Effects of Acid Rain. Butler uses accelerated laboratory conditions to simulate long term performance – and one area they focus on is studying acid rain. Using a Kesternich cabinet, they can measure the effects of prolonged exposure to pollutants in a sulfur dioxide environment. Butler tests for the long-term performance of the pigments used for coatings on paneling to optimize the formula against changing color and to make sure products stay strong in an acidic environment.

Dew Cycle Weather-ometer Testing. Another area of concern that is studied in the lab is the effect of dew. When dew dries on paneling in the sunlight it can cause a fading or a chalking effect. The weather-ometer can simulate 15 – 20 years of South Florida sunshine. Butler uses this data to optimize their Butler-Cote finish system.

These examples are the tip of iceberg when it comes to the innovation and care that Butler puts into creating pre-engineered products. Butler not only looks at the strength requirements of individual components, but also rechecks them in combination with other pieces. They have studied the color of their pigments to see the variables in temperature for their roofing. They also invest in wind uplift tests, real-time testing, and hot box testing, to name a few. When you are comparing builders, and are looking for the best system available, call JGBowers, Inc. for your Butler commercial construction.

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