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Pre-Engineered Building

With the economy rebounding, businesses are once again starting to invest in new buildings. The demands of modern architecture and changing aesthetic tastes have led many companies to consider more complex pre-engineered metal buildings. Whether they’re being used for churches, office buildings or even schools, pre-engineered buildings are an excellent, effective way to take advantage of modern building trends, including the entry of more natural light and visually appealing exteriors.

One reason for the recent popularity of pre-engineered buildings is the use of longer spans. Driven by a down economy to innovate and improve the construction of pre-engineered buildings, manufacturers reduced spans to allow for an increase in usable space. According to the vice president of Butler Manufacturing, Harry Yeatman, “We've seen a focus on a larger base, so you can reduce columns and create usable space inside the building. The industry is focused on creating more space with less columns, using the spanning characteristics of our products.”

Yeatman believes that the future of architecture – and pre-engineered buildings, specifically – is in creating smarter and more optimized designs. With the goal of addressing more complex problems and expanding the use of pre-engineered buildings into previously uncharted territory, Butler expects that their “pricing and design systems […] will become more robust.” As a result, companies can expect more options, more versatility and more usable space.

At JGBowers, Inc., we offer a wide range of commercial construction services, including the construction of new buildings. With the support of Butler Manufacturing, we are able to afford our customers an unmatched level of flexibility. Whether you’re looking to allow more daylight into your facility, create more usable space for your building’s occupants or ensure the safekeeping and security of your building’s equipment, we have the tools, personnel and experience necessary to complete your project. So, if you’ve been considering expanding your operations – or starting a new venture – contact us today to discuss the options available to you through JGBowers, Inc. and Butler Manufacturing.

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