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Whether we're documenting a recent experience in commercial construction or we're discussing new tools that allow us to complete your job more effectively and more efficiently, visit this page often to stay up to date with the latest news and developments at JGBowers, Inc.

Commercial Construction

Commercial Construction Services Get Businesses Ready to Run


The construction process can be a long and complicated one without the right management, but the commercial construction services from JGBowers, Inc. can help handle the load. Our team has project management and administration capabilities that can partner with you to make sure your project stays on track and covers everything that you need it to.

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Construction General Contractor

Finish Out Winter Projects with a Construction General Contractor


Winter can be a rough season, but a construction general contractor can help you get through the worst of it to ensure that your projects are done on time, despite the ice and snow. JGBowers, Inc. are general contractors that have worked with businesses from a variety of industries over the years, throughout every season, so our team has the expertise to help you manage winter builds efficiently. Using our own staff as well as a list of only the best sub-contractors, we make sure that a structure is secure and built best from start to finish.

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Interior Build Out

Complete Spaces Through Winter with Interior Build Outs


As the temperature outside continues to drop, the need for interior build outs at construction sties or in office buildings can be focused on effectively. Because of freezing ground, sub-zero temperatures, and more, exterior construction often can’t be completed effectively, so your interior build out can get the attention and care that it needs. JGBowers, Inc. provides interior build out services for any business that needs a quality interior built specifically to their needs. Our team has worked with businesses in a variety of industries, so you can trust our expertise to provide you with the best services available from a contractor.

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Building Contractors

Building Contractors Provide Business Owners with a Dependable Future


When you have completed your construction and are looking forward to a successful future of business, you can count on the building contractors at JGBowers, Inc. to provide any future construction and maintenance for your space. Whether you are a small business or have a branch of a corporation that you have constructed, the skilled contractors at JGBowers will make sure that you can continue operations stress-free by providing any maintenance or construction solutions that you may require. These ongoing services can provide you with peace of mind as well as a guarantee that your building is always up to standards.

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Butler Roofs

Structures Get the Best Builds with Butler Roofs


When roofing construction is needed, there is no better option for your build than Butler roofs. With a long history of providing some of the best roofing solutions in the construction industry, Butler roofs are a resource that any builder can count on. With the MR-24 roof system from Butler, your roof can get the factory punched panels, Pittsburgh double-lock seams, and clips that are moveable to provide your construction with one of the best seem metal roof systems that you can find anywhere. By utilizing this design, Butler roofs can be perfect for any weather conditions, even ones that face frequently changing temperatures.

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Commercial Construction

Three Reasons to Count on Commercial Construction from JGBowers, Inc.


With multiple decades of experience under our belt, there are a variety of reasons that JGBowers, Inc. is the premier provider of commercial construction for many. Always looking to make improvements to the construction services that we provide, the years of experience that JGBowers has means that we have honed our craft to provide only the best.

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Commercial Interior Renovations

Professional Contractors Complete Every Part of Commercial Interior Renovations


When you have a project that requires commercial interior renovation, JGBowers, Inc. are the experienced and professional contractors that you can count on to get the job done. We have worked with interiors of all kinds over the years, and guarantee that whatever you need for your business, our team will be capable of figuring out the best solutions for you. Always taking care of our customers and meeting their needs, JGBowers, Inc. will give you the best services available.

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Commercial Construction Contractors

Plan New Build Sites with Commercial Construction Contractors


As we wait for warmer weather to make its way back into the Midwest, you can plan future builds during the spring and summer with JGBowers, Inc., your commercial construction contractors. When you communicate your needs with our team, we make sure that they are met. From business office units to a public library, our team at JGBowers has the capabilities and experience to make your dream build become a reality.

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Commercial Contractors

Commercial Contractors Complete Entire Building Spaces, Inside and Out


When you want a job done, it is often easier to get everything done in one go, and that is exactly what you get with the commercial contractors from JGBowers, Inc. With general contractors who know how to work in spaces inside and out, you can trust JGBowers with your builds new and old. From start to finish, our team gives you structure a great build that is sure to last it far into the future.

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Commercial Builders

Renovate Sports Stadiums during Downtime with Commercial Builders


With so many sports currently operating on a shortened season, now can be the perfect time to take advantage of the services offered by your dependable commercial builders at JG Bowers, Inc. From smaller stadiums that could use a press box to larger ones that require interior renovations of their press boxes, JG Bowers, Inc. can do it all. Start to finish, JG Bowers, Inc. has your construction needs covered.

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