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Whether we're documenting a recent experience in commercial construction or we're discussing new tools that allow us to complete your job more effectively and more efficiently, visit this page often to stay up to date with the latest news and developments at JGBowers, Inc.

Commercial Contractors

Commercial Contractors Complete Entire Building Spaces, Inside and Out


When you want a job done, it is often easier to get everything done in one go, and that is exactly what you get with the commercial contractors from JGBowers, Inc. With general contractors who know how to work in spaces inside and out, you can trust JGBowers with your builds new and old. From start to finish, our team gives you structure a great build that is sure to last it far into the future.

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Commercial Builders

Renovate Sports Stadiums during Downtime with Commercial Builders


With so many sports currently operating on a shortened season, now can be the perfect time to take advantage of the services offered by your dependable commercial builders at JG Bowers, Inc. From smaller stadiums that could use a press box to larger ones that require interior renovations of their press boxes, JG Bowers, Inc. can do it all. Start to finish, JG Bowers, Inc. has your construction needs covered.

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General Contractor

Create Safer Spaces for Work with a General Contractor


Bringing in a general contractor can not only make a space look better, but it can also create a safer space to work by ensuring that no hazardous materials are part of your workplace. Reworking a space should be an experience that leaves you feeling great, knowing that it can serve its purpose better, and removing any hazardous materials is essential to this. When you work with JGBowers, Inc., you’ll get a new space free of dangers every time.

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Rework Neglected Spaces with Interior Renovations


Interiors all fade with time, and, when they get worn down enough, that’s when you can bring in JGBowers, Inc. to deliver quality interior renovations. Especially easy to overlook when it’s an area that is frequented every day, individuals may not notice a steady decline in quality when they see it every single day. However, as with most things, no interior lasts forever, and by keeping up with yours with JGBowers, you can always keep a professional look that is sure to impress.

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Commercial Construction

Maintain Energy Efficiency in Your Commercial Construction


With more businesses always looking for “green” solutions to energy problems, JGBowers, Inc. is proud to provide the SunLite Strip lighting system. We’ve worked with plenty of clients who were interested in figuring out how their new building could have a less big of an environmental impact, nd the SunLight Strip we can provide is one simple solution to this problem. Reducing the amount you pay on electric and gas, the SunLite Strip lighting system is one great solution that saves on your carbon footprint, while also saving you money.

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Interior Build Outs

Transform Spaces with Interior Build Outs from Experienced Builders


Whether it’s a building space constructed by us or another company, JGBowers, Inc. can provide you with interior build outs that craft blank spaces into the offices you need. We have experience crafting spaces for a variety of businesses, so your interior build outs can be functional, laid out exactly how you need, and given care to pass all proper approvals.

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Commercial Contractor

From Store to Office, Commercial Contractors Do It All


No matter kind of business you’re in, if you are in need of construction or maintenance, designing for a new structure, and more, JGBowers, Inc. are the general commercial contractors that can do it all. With a long history of working with businesses from a variety of sectors, you can trust our abilities to deliver to you the best, quality construction services.

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Commercial Builder

Remodel Educational Facilities with a Trusted Commercial Builder


When your educational facility has started to show its age, and it needs to be remodeled to keep it functioning as best as possible, JG Bowers, Inc. is the commercial builder than can provide the best services to crafting a new space. Capable of crafting almost any design, the general contractors at JG Bowers, Inc. will give you the remodeled space that you’re looking for.

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Building Contractors

Build a Better Roof System with Professional Building Contractors


When you’re hiring on a building contractor for your project, it can be beneficial to take advantage of a factor punched roof system compared to traditional roofing. Providing a roof system from our partner, Butler Manufacturing, JGBowers, Inc. can give your building a roof that can benefit your commercial building in a variety of ways.

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Construction General Contractor

Work with a Construction General Contractor Who Cares


Once your project has been finished, JG Bowers, Inc. is the construction general contractor who can assist with any future maintenance, upgrades, and general care that you might need. Due to responsibilities you may face as the business owner, it can sometimes be overwhelming to worry about your buildings needs on top of meetings, payroll, and more. We at JG Bowers, Inc. can be there for you whenever you need work done on your building from completion of the building and into the future.

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