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Commercial Construction

Green Commercial Construction from JGBowers’ Partner Butler Manufacturing


Butler Manufacturing is an industry leader in green and sustainable commercial construction. In order to help preserve our planet, Butler has implemented new eco-friendly technologies and practices that make green building more efficient and affordable. In this post, we will check out a few of the ways Butler Manufacturing is helping to create sustainable and cost-effective green commercial construction building systems. 

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Commercial Construction

Commercial Construction Services, Inside and Out


Beginning a commercial construction endeavor can be intimidating. You've got to determine a budget, develop a plan, set a schedule and understand the risks... and that's just the early phases! Once the project begins, you'll find yourself relying on third parties to execute your plan. This is where the help of a seasoned professional comes in handy.

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Restaurant Construction

Full Service Design Build Services from JGBowers, Inc.


So you want to build a new location? Whether you're looking to create a stunning restaurant, a comfortable office building, a soothing medical center, a productive institutional facility or a space that meets franchise corporate specifications, JGBowers, Inc. has the ability to take you from developing the concept to breaking ground to serving the public.

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Pre-Engineered Building

Why Choose Butler Manufacturing’s Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings for Your Business


Together with the market rebounding, companies are now beginning to spend money on new buildings. The requirements of shifting aesthetic tastes and contemporary structures have led many businesses to consider more sophisticated pre-engineered metal buildings. Whether they’re being used for office buildings, churches or schools, pre-engineered buildings are an exceptional, powerful way to benefit from contemporary building tendencies, for example, the emphasis on natural light and beautiful exteriors.

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Benefits of Butler Manufacturing’s SunLite Strip Daylighting System


Every year more and more companies are moving toward “green” technologies. There are usually financial incentives as well as a moral imperative in play for business owners when it comes to becoming more environmentally conscious. The SunLite Strip daylighting system not only reduces gas and electrical costs, it also lessens a business’ environmental impact.  The SunLite Strips works with the MR-24 roof system by Butler and allows copious amounts of natural daylight to enter your building which means reduced costs in electrical lighting and even heat that your building requires. In this post, we will take a closer look at the major benefits of this system. 

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Commercial Construction

Why Choose JGBowers’ Partner -- Butler Manufacturing?


Our clients want and deserve the absolute best commercial construction services available. For this reason, we partnered with Butler Manufacturing, one of the highest rated, most inventive, and most trusted suppliers of construction, general building, and roofing solutions. So, when you hire JGBowers, you’re also hiring Butler Manufacturing. In this post, we will look at some of the benefits of Butler Manufacturing’s construction solutions and why they’re right for you. 

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Widespread Structural System

Experience Unmatched Functionality with the Widespan Structural System by Butler Manufacturing


A structural system is meant to add to a building's functionality, not stand in its way. That's the belief upon which the Widespan structural system is engineered. This adaptable rigid frame system assures maximum use of interior space, while also providing practically unlimited flexibility with regard to building width, height, roof slope, and exterior finish. Widespan features acrylic-coated and galvanized C/Z structural members for added stability and reduced maintenance costs over the life of the building.

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Butler MR-24 Roof System

Butler Manufacturing and the MR-24 Roof System


Butler Manufacturing has a long, proud history of providing the industry's best roofing solutions. The company's MR-24 roof system, known for its factory punched panels, Pittsburgh double-lock seams and moveable clips is regarded as the finest standing seam metal roof system in the world. Ideal for projects where weathertight performance and performance under changing temperatures are essential, the MR-24 system has become a mainstay in the industry, where it is chosen for its proven reliability and long-term cost effectiveness.

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Commercial Construction

Butler Manufacturing Offers Sustainable and Green Construction Technologies


The demand for going green and sustainability is consistently increasing as time goes on. Butler Manufacturing has become an industry leader for their efforts with sustainability by using available practices that work to make sustainable construction systems more affordable. In this post, we will look at some of the things that make Butler Manufacturing the ideal choice for cost efficient, environmentally friendly, and sustainable commercial construction building systems.

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Butler MR-24 Roof System

Five Benefits of Factory Punched Roof Systems from Butler Manufacturing


For commercial buildings, there are a lot reasons to use factor punched roof systems as opposed to traditional roofing. Our partner, Butler Manufacturing, has the most advanced factory roofing system available – the MR-24. The MR-24 roof system features a 360 degree Pittsburgh double-lock seam and is finished on site with Butler's Roof Runner seaming machine. In this post, we will look at five benefits of Butler's factory punched roof systems.

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