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Whether we're documenting a recent experience in commercial construction or we're discussing new tools that allow us to complete your job more effectively and more efficiently, visit this page often to stay up to date with the latest news and developments at JGBowers, Inc.

Commercial Construction

Butler Manufacturing Offers Sustainable and Green Construction Technologies


The demand for going green and sustainability is consistently increasing as time goes on. Butler Manufacturing has become an industry leader for their efforts with sustainability by using available practices that work to make sustainable construction systems more affordable. In this post, we will look at some of the things that make Butler Manufacturing the ideal choice for cost efficient, environmentally friendly, and sustainable commercial construction building systems.

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Butler MR-24 Roof System

Five Benefits of Factory Punched Roof Systems from Butler Manufacturing


For commercial buildings, there are a lot reasons to use factor punched roof systems as opposed to traditional roofing. Our partner, Butler Manufacturing, has the most advanced factory roofing system available – the MR-24. The MR-24 roof system features a 360 degree Pittsburgh double-lock seam and is finished on site with Butler's Roof Runner seaming machine. In this post, we will look at five benefits of Butler's factory punched roof systems.

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Commercial Construction

Two Ways Technology Has Changed Commercial Construction


Technology has always rapidly changed the way that business is done. This could not be more true for the commercial construction industry. The industry is learning and using new technologies to adopt new processes and improve old ones. In this post we will look at two ways in which technology has not only helped change the way the commercial construction process is managed, but also the positive effects it has had on client service.

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Commercial Construction Contractor

Six Tips for Choosing the Best Commercial Construction Contractor


Oftentimes discerning who will be the best contractor for your commercial construction project is the most challenging aspect of the construction process. There is nothing worse than having thousands of dollars already invested in the construction of your commercial building and realizing you didn't choose the best contractor for your project. In this post we will talk about six important ways to make sure you hire the right company for the job.

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Structural System

Butler Manufacturing’s Landmark 2000 Structural Systems Get a Boost with PurlinXT Technology


By using PurlinXT technology, Butler has created a pre-engineered framing system that can extend up to 60 feet, which is easily the longest bay size available in the industry. The vast, open area, allows for building owners to maximize the functionality of their space. The Landmark 2000 structural system uses Truss PurlinXT structural members on top of solid-web primary frames, and rod bracing to create a long-bay framing system. The businesses that will benefit from the massive size of this structural system are ones that benefit from or absolutely require open areas with a lot of floor space.

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Pre-Engineered Building

Sophisticated Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings from Butler Manufacturing


With the economy rebounding, businesses are once again starting to invest in new buildings. The demands of modern architecture and changing aesthetic tastes have led many companies to consider more complex pre-engineered metal buildings. Whether they're being used for churches, office buildings or even schools, pre-engineered buildings are an excellent, effective way to take advantage of modern building trends, including the entry of more natural light and visually appealing exteriors.

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Butler Manufacturing

The Strengths of the MR-24 Roof System from Butler Manufacturing


A building's roof is like a suit of armor. Taking over 90% of the yearly wear and tear, the roof safeguards your building's valuable internals: products, equipment, tooling and personnel. It endures regular onslaughts from rain and snow, heat and cold. Like armor, roofs, too, can become damaged. They can suffer blows that threaten their integrity. And, like armor, when a roof failure occurs, the cost can be catastrophic. In light of this, investing in a rock-solid, proven roofing system – like Butler's MR-24 system – is an investment in your building's livelihood.

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Construction Services

The Advantages of Construction and Maintenance Services from JGBowers, Inc.


After your dream building has been completed, you have every reason to maintain it, upgrade it and care for it. But, with the day-to-day responsibilities of running your business, it can be difficult to handle these duties on your own, or worry about hiring on a contractor for every little need. To remedy this, JGBowers, Inc. offers ongoing construction and maintenance services to keep your building in great shape and, more importantly, provide you with the peace of mind that you need to run your business effectively. Today, we'd like to look at the benefits of discussing regular construction and maintenance services with JGBowers, Inc.

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Widespan Structural System

The Benefits of Butler’s Widespan Structural System


The structural system that you select for your building should enhance its features, not place arbitrary limits on them. Bearing this in mind, Butler's Widespan structural system has been engineered to utilize the maximum amount of interior space while also affording you an unmatched level of flexibility in customizing your building's exterior design. From height and roof slope to width and exterior finish, the Widespan system lets you take full advantage of your building's interior without forcing you to compromise on exterior and aesthetic characteristics.

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Sustainable Construction

Green and Sustainable Construction from Butler Manufacturing


Working smart to preserve our planet, Butler Manufacturing has taken a number of steps to ensure that they are following a "green" path. Having implemented a number of technologies and practices that make sustainable building more affordable, Butler is leading the industry with their sustainability efforts. In this post, we'd like to look at a few of the ways that Butler Manufacturing can help you build a more environmentally friendly, sustainable and – yes – cost-efficient building.

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