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Whether we're documenting a recent experience in commercial construction or we're discussing new tools that allow us to complete your job more effectively and more efficiently, visit this page often to stay up to date with the latest news and developments at JGBowers, Inc.

SunLite Strip Daylighting System

Save Money with Butler’s SunLite Strip Daylighting System


Here at JGBowers, we like to stay on top of the most current roofing trends. We recently posted a picture on our Facebook of a building featuring Butler's SunLite Strip daylighting system. With all of the industry initiatives to move towards "green" technologies, we feel that the SunLite system is a great example of how business owners can leverage nature's resources to not only reduce their environmental impact but also to save money.

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A Closer Look at Butler’s MR-24 Roof System


As we announced in one of our earlier blog posts, JGBowers, Inc. has partnered with Butler Manufacturing. With Butler's proven ability in the construction industry and JGBowers, Inc.'s position as commercial construction experts, the pairing is a natural evolution of our commitment to changing the game. Today, we're going to take a closer look at one of Buter's more impressive innovations: the MR-24 Roof System.

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Butler Manufacturing

JG Bowers, Inc. Partners with Butler Manufacturing


JGBowers, Inc. has announced a new collaboration with Butler Manufacturing. "We were looking for the next avenue of growth and our team felt that entering in to the pre-engineered, structural steel construction business was the right way to go" says Phil Bowers, President of JGBowers, Inc. For more than 30 years, JGBowers has specialized in commercial construction, in addition to retail and educational facilities. "The majority of the work we do is remodel work in existing buildings. We do roughly 80 percent interior remodel and 20 percent new construction" says Chris Rosman, Construction Manager for JGBowers.

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Ramona Prochnow

JGBowers, Inc. Hires a New Financial Controller


In mid-September, Ramona Prochnow started working at Advanced Cabinet Systems as the financial controller for JGBowers, Inc. and affiliated companies such as ACS! Ramona will oversee all financial departments within the JGB umbrella. With her vast experience in manufacturing accounting and impressive credentials, we're excited to have her on the team!

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General Contractor

JGBowers, Inc. Launches New Website


Marion, Indiana—JGBowers, Inc., a General Contracting firm that specializes in commercial construction, has launched a new website design. The new website was designed to reflect the integrity of the JGBowers, Inc. name and generate more web traffic with the assistance of SEO. Marc Dunker, Creative Director at Advanced Cabinet Systems, led the project while working closely with Chris Rosman, Construction Manager at JGBowers, Inc. The website was designed by Market Pipeline, based in Portage, Michigan. They are a website design and marketing firm that works mainly with industrial clients.

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JGBowers, Inc. and Advanced Cabinet Systems Develops New Mission Statement


Marion, Indiana—Advanced Cabinet Systems (ACS), a manufacturer of Division 12 Plastic Laminate Casework and Retail Store Fixtures, and JGBowers, Inc., their parent company, have developed a new company mission statement. Phil Bowers, President of...

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JGBowers, Inc. and Advanced Cabinet Systems Announce New Leadership


JGBowers, Inc. and Advanced Cabinet Systems (ACS), Marion, Indiana, announce a change in leadership as the company's founder prepares for retirement. Greg Bowers, who founded JGBowers Construction and Advanced Cabinet Systems over 30 years ago, announced that in January 2013 he plans to step down and pass on the leadership of the company to his son, Phil. "Phil has been working with me since he was a kid" Greg says.

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